Production Blog

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year!

We at Team Refuge are very proud of everything we accomplished in 2014 and are very excited for the year ahead! Everyone on the team is hard at work creating and preparing to go into production in 2015. 

We've brought on an amazing and talented Animator, Pierre Perifel, who has worked on movies like Kung Fu Panda , The Illusionist, Shrek Forever After, and many more. He has begun work on a small piece of traditional animation for the short in conjunction with graphic designs from Concept Artist Keiko Murayama. 

We have also brought on a few incredibly talented storyboard artists to support Leif and Johane as we finish up the animatic, which is our blueprint for production and post-production on REFUGE. We are excited to have these accomplished artists join us and help us get one step closer to production. 

Art Director Leighton Hickman has been continuing to design the look and feel of our film and has created a new piece which we'll be sharing with you very soon!. In the meantime, our Costume Designer Phillip Boutte Jr. has completed his concept paintings for the design of our characters' costumes. Check out this beautiful artwork! 

On the business side, we are deep into pre-production, working with our Cinematographer Ian Takahashi, our VFX Supervisor Yorie Kumalasari and our Production Designer Geoff Flint to bid out the project and prepare for production. We are excited by all of the challenges ahead of us and are hard at work getting as ready as we can. 

Stay in touch with us throughout the next few months as we announce our plans for production and complete our test shot, shooting in early January!