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Team REFUGE On Set!

Last Saturday, team REFUGE spent our first day together on set filming a single shot as a camera test and a pipeline test. We had an incredibly successful day recreating this amazing piece from Art Director Leighton Hickman:


Below are photos from our day on set. Special thanks to Director of Photography Ian Takahashi and his camera and lighting crew, Production Designer Geoff Flint for his amazing debris and stuffed animail abilities, and Costume Designer Phillip Boutte for an incredible array of wardrobe choices and a fantastic final look for our actress, Miya Cech. A huge thanks to Blacklist Digital for providing our camera equipment and coloring services. And an extra special thanks to VFX gurus Yorie and Lu for their work on set and these great photos!

We will have the final, color corrected shot soon and then will start on our visual effects work. Stay tuned for updates!